AntiMicro 1.0 Release


AntiMicro has finally reached the point where I can take it out of beta and give it a proper 1.0 release. With this release, all the features that I put into the original plan for AntiMicro have been implemented. The biggest change with this release is the incorporation of 8-way controls for controller sticks and dpads. This allows the program to be used to play rougelike games that require dedicated keys to be pressed for diagonal movement. Here is a breakdown of the changes with this version of the program:

  • 8-way controls have been implemented. This allows keys to be mapped to the diagonal directions of controller sticks and dpads. 8-way controls allow rougelike games to be playable.
  • Virtual Dpad support has been added. Axes and buttons can be mapped to a virtual dpad. This is useful for mapping dpads that are detected as a pair of axes in SDL.
  • A Quick Set option has been added. Using the Quick Set option, you can press a button on the controller and the program will bring up the edit window for that specific button.  The button can then be mapped to an assignment from the edit window. The Quick Set option also works for axes, controller sticks, and dpads. This is more of a convenience function than anything but I have found it really useful since implementing it.
  • Main interface button text is now updated whenever the assigned slots are changed. This allows the buttons' text to be in sync in many situations that was not possible before.
  • Toggle and Turbo can be used together to create automated key macros for use in MMORPGs.

Arch Linux (AUR):
Debian amd64:
Debian i386:

Current rating: 5