AntiMicro 1.2 Release


A new version of AntiMicro has been packaged and uploaded. There are a lot of changes with this release that will allow some use cases to be doable that were not possible previously. The biggest, and most blasphemous, change is that this is the first real release that will have a Windows version. The mouse wheel buttons in the program can now be used to allow actual mouse wheel scrolling; previously, this was only possible by using the wheel buttons along with turbo. Buttons and assignments can now have custom names given by the user. This will allow users to have the program show what a button does in-game as opposed to showing the combination of slots required to perform an action. One other big change is that the while held set selector has been changed so that the joystick should not get stuck on the wrong set while performing a set change; this was somewhat possible with older releases using a two-way set selector and turbo on a button.

Here is a list of the changes made for this version of AntiMicro:

  • Improved while held set changing so that the program should not get stuck on the wrong set. The changes made should behave roughly like the old while held workaround that used turbo.
  • Windows port of AntiMicro has been made.
  • Tweaked code used for button presses and releases in order to improve responsiveness.
  • Allow time-dependent action slots to have an interval as low as 0.01 seconds.
  • Tweaked Release action slot. Release slots can now be placed at the beginning of the assigned slots. This can be useful for Tap and Hold slot configurations.
  • Pause slots can now be used with Release slots.
  • Profiles can be removed from the recent configs list.
  • Spring mouse mode preview has now been enabled.
  • Mouse speed modifier action slot has been added. This can be used to modify the mouse speed settings used with any controller element while the slot is active. The setting will modify the mouse speed by the percentage that is specified. The mouse speed modifier can be used to allow for the mouse speed to be slowed down while sniping.
  • Button and action names have been added. Names can be used to describe the action that a slot sequence performs in the game.
  • Mouse wheel buttons are now used as a form of mouse movement. Mouse wheel scrolling is now possible without using turbo. The speed that the wheel is rotated can be specified in the mouse settings dialog window.
  • Added support for two extra mouse buttons.
  • A new controller properties window has been made. This window shows various bits of information provided by SDL about a controller as well as the current values of all the controller elements.
  • Added quick assign functionality for sticks and virtual dpads.
  • Windows version of the program now uses LocalAppData variable to know where to place the program's settings file.
  • New translations provided by the translation team.

I had not originally intended to make a Windows release but I decided to experiment with how much work would be required to get AntiMicro working under Windows. I spent some time making the initial port and then trying to work out the kinks that randomly popped up. I had posted the beta version of the Windows port and people have expressed some interest in improving the Windows version since then. Right now, it is actually the most downloaded version of the 1.1.x release packages available. I posted the port as a proof of concept and I was the only intended user since there is similar software available on Windows. It is cool that there is interest in the Windows version and it will continue to be maintained as the application is updated. However, I still consider AntiMicro a Linux application first and foremost.

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